Compete to stay alive in the world's first social sweepstake

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Play games on live racing and sports

Swopstakes Unique Tickets

Just one unique ticket for each possible combination of results

Swopstakes Survival

Hold the winner of the next event to stay alive

Swopstakes Score Jackpot

Survive every event in a game to win a major prize

Swopstakes horse racing ticket example

Buy, sell and swop tickets to survive

Swopstakes social game play beanbags
Swopstakes Search

Ride your luck with an auto-pick or hunt for your favourites

Swopstakes Cash Out

Cash out before you're knocked out

Swopstakes Perfect Ticket

Find that one perfect ticket with the correct result in every event

Aim of the game

Be the last player left standing, holding the 1 ticket that correctly predicted every result. Or trade your way to a profit before being knocked out.
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