The world of sweepstakes has now changed forever

It's gone digital thanks to the launch of the all new Swopstakes.

In what is one of the most innovative and exciting new games to come out of Australia over the last few years, Swopstakes is revolutionising how players can now engage in what is being dubbed the future of sweepstakes.

The game couldn’t be easier to play and has far more excitement and opportunities for all participants than both traditional sweepstakes and fantasy games as it extends to more than just the one race or event.

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How to play

Just like a sweepstake, the game starts with a range of tickets in which there is one unique ticket for every possible combination of winning outcomes as such this means that no two tickets are the same and most importantly, at the end of the game only 1 ticket will have the winning combination and taking home the cash prize.

With round 1 completed the fun is only just beginning as once the result is confirmed check your tickets and then it up to you to decide if you hang on to tickets you think will survive, decide to cash out tickets you think will be knocked out, buy more tickets either from the pool or from the bank depending on whether there are any remaining or you can swop your tickets, i.e throw them all out and redraw. There is, of course, the final option where you buy tickets at the start of the game, sit back and cheer home your selections in each round and hope you don’t get knocked out!

With the odds of each horse, team or player considered, every single ticket is allocated a value i.e the chance of it being the winning ticket this generates a leaderboard which shows who seems to have the tickets with the best chance of winning. Check the board against everyone in the game, or just between you and your mates for a bit of friendly rivalry.

Buy, swop, or cash out

The three things that make Swopstakes so unique against traditional sweepstake games, you can buy more tickets at market value, swop your tickets for a different outcome in each round, or cash out by getting an offer from The Bank.

Swopstakes Survival


There are a couple of ways you can buy your tickets, the first is to buy from the pool – this is the quick & easy way to join a Swopstakes game. From the game screen you simply click buy at anytime before the next race.

Secondly, buy from The Bank – in our games you can search for tickets that are guaranteed to have the runner/team/player you like. From the game screen click the one you like and select ‘Buy’ to see the list of available tickets. You can select a ticket to see the full details prior to purchase. The purchase price is based on the ticket’s current game value.

Swopstakes Spinner Icon


What about if you are not too sure about your chance of survival going into the next event? Worried that your tickets might be knocked out? Then you can swop! When you swop you effectively cash-out all of your tickets and re-draw. The tickets you re-draw are picked at random from the tickets in the pool. You receive one new ticket for every ticket you swop with your old tickets getting put back into the pool.

Tickets can be swopped at any time up to 5 minutes prior to the advertised start of the next event, subject to the availability of tickets in the pool. Be aware that swop is not available while an event is in progress.

Swopstakes Unique Tickets

Cash out

Swopstakes allows you to make something that normal sweepstakes don’t, you can cash out! It is a nail-biting decision but consider the following; All tickets have a value based on the ticket’s current chance of winning the game. The values do fluctuate as the market opinion steers the likely percentage of the outcome, your ticket will increase in value when they survive an event or race.

Don’t forget the ticket has no value and is wiped out if your selections fails to win. If you have ever had a ticket in a sweepstake and know the horse isn’t going to win you are well and truly out of luck, but in being able to cash out you can, in effect, ‘fold’ your ticket(s) and get some winning credit.

The future of the sweepstake

With Swopstakes you are in control and must decide whether to cash out or stick or whether the winning ticket is available to be bought. This game brings more fun, more dynamism and more entertainment to the traditional and old-fashioned way that sweepstakes has operated.

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