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It’s exciting, it keeps you on the edge of your seat and it’s has added a whole new dimension to your entertainment this NRL season as the all-new sweepstakes game brought to you by Swopstakes is something to talk to your mates about.

The NRL sweepstakes game is a nail-biter, do you hold onto your tickets, fold them and cash out or swop the whole lot of them and hope you get a better set of tickets?

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Every game is different

Each game has a number of different results for you to be cheering on once the games kick off. Look out for the multiple outcomes all on the one ticket. For starters, you might find yourself cheering for one team to score the first try in the game then, hopefully, if you succeed with this one you might find yourself wanting the other team to score or perhaps your tickets will find you barracking for it to be a low-scoring first half.

One thing is for sure this is a sweepstakes game like no other!

Even the losers can be winners

Swopstakes Score Jackpot

Check the structure of each event

With a range of outcomes on your tickets ranging from one team to win with a head start (known as the handicap) you could find your team loses by 3 points but with the line at +4.5 points in your favour, you are still on the winning ticket.

Other outcomes that feature on your ticket include whether there will be an odd or even number of tries in the game – this should ensure that even if one of the teams looks to have won the match you will still have plenty to shout about either for a try to be scored or not!

Swopstakes Unique Tickets

Remember to hunt for your favourite tickets

Don’t forget that playing Swopstakes, if you get in early, you can hunt for tickets with certain outcomes on them. You might fancy one team to not score many points in one game or perhaps you simply want to ensure you have as many tickets as possible with your NRL team in it. Either way, be sure to check what tickets are held in the bank and see which ones you want. You could find after the tickets have been distributed that you have too many that include your biggest rivals doing well. If that’s the case, use the swop or fold feature (something you can’t do on traditional sweepstakes), and get rid of the tickets!

Get your mates involved

With most weekly games covering a range of matches across each round there is plenty of time to check back in and see how you are doing on the leaderboard giving you plenty of time to swop or sell. Don’t forget to tell your mates and get them to sign up too as you can all follow each other and see how they are doing as well.

If you all have tickets remaining for Sunday’s matches do you try and get strategic in looking to buy or sell or swop… the choice is yours! You can also look back and see which the winning ticket was and who bought and sold or swopped it during the game.

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Which tickets will you hold in the NRL sweepstake game?

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