Over $65,000 in payouts to 38 individual winners in the first three weeks

And, some epic player v player struggles!

Swopstakes is The World’s Greatest Sweepstake.

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August 4th, 2020

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A totally new wagering product delivering payouts

Swopstakes launched just three weeks ago, promising fun, big prizes, and a completely new approach to traditional wagering. It’s certainly not easy taking on the big multi-nationals but so far, we’re working overtime to deliver.

Swopstakes games are played on live racing and sport, starting with a pool that has one unique ticket for every possible combination of winners – so like a sweepstake, but over a number of races or footy matches.

As each event is run and won, all of the tickets that missed the winner get knocked out. All the tickets that had the winner survive to the next event and increase in value.

Battle to be the last left standing

Everyday a small but growing community of players are doing battle to be the last left standing, holding the one ticket in the game that has every winner. Prior to each event they can:

  • Hold, the tickets they think will survive
  • Fold, or cashout the tickets they think will be knocked out
  • Swop, throw in their tickets and redraw
  • Raise, buy more tickets
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We’ve seen some fascinating tussles

COO Craig Driver said:

the unique combination of in-game options mean players can adopt a number of different strategies. It changes from game to game and we’ve had some fascinating tussles.”

“At Ipswich the other Friday we had MopLovin buy in for $842 with one race left to run. His ticket was only a 9% chance of winning the race but as the lone survivor he’d score the pool. Until Venomcartel did the maths and purchased a ticket just before jump, jagging the 20% favourite. MopLovin must have got a shock but didn’t sit still. Within seconds he’d paid $84 to swop his ticket, improving to now hold the 15% chance. In the end neither had the winner and they shared the Pool, both picking up a profit. It was more exciting watching them play than it was watching the race!”

Our website makes all of this visible in real time. Everybody can see who’s alive, what they have on their tickets, and how they got the ticket. The results are determined by real races so knowing the form definitely helps but there’s a real player v player element as well.”

“We think it’s a lot like Texas Hold’Em. You can win by being lucky, but the smarter players can certainly work an advantage.”

“Swopstakes has games every day on racing and sport. The jackpot games, on Thursday night Dogs at Dapto and the Victorian gallops meeting on Saturday, will keep going up to $50,000 until we have a winner. The tickets are just $0.25 each, so a pretty good option if you’re after some fun and the chance of a big payday.”

Swopstakes also runs freeplay racing games every day. Driver said:

“it’s a way for people to try before they buy, and to test out their game style. It also gets some new people watching racing, which is critical to the future of the industry.”