Making Magic from the Magic Millions

The 2019 Magic Millions has established itself as an absolute highlight on the Australian racing calendar.

  • Set against the backdrop of the glitzy Gold Coast
  • Book-ended by a premier thoroughbred sales event
  • Awash with celebrities & party-goers
  • It’s definitely the Summer race meeting to see, and the place to be seen.

It’s also no surprise that the 2019 Magic Millions prizemoney attracts the top horses, trainers, and jockeys. As a result, punters right around Australia can enjoy capacity fields and ultra-competitive racing.

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So, what’s the chance of picking all nine winners?

With traditional wagering very, very slim. We don’t have official scratchings yet but based on an average field size of 16 you’d be looking at around 68 billion combinations. Flexibet won’t save you.

Even narrowing each race to your top 4 picks, for a 1% Flexibet, it would cost you:


The Swopstakes Magic

Swopstakes is like a sweepstake but played over a number of races. In a Swopstakes game:

  • There is one ticket for every possible combination of winners
  • No two tickets are the same
  • At the end of the last event one of those tickets will have every winner on the Magic Millions race card.

Doesn’t matter if every favourite wins or if every winner’s a blow-out! We group runners on the tickets to eliminate long-shots, so that every ticket in a Swopstakes game is a very genuine chance of winning.

Your challenge is to find the winning ticket and hang on it!

And to make things fun, prior to every race, you can choose to:

  • Hold – the tickets you think have the winner
  • Fold – the tickets you think will lose in the next race
  • Raise – buy more tickets, to increase your chance of survival
  • Swop – discard your tickets and redraw

That’s right! Unlike old-fashioned wagering Swopstakes is a social sweepstake. You have choices to make and chances to take – other players you have to beat.

Swopstakes: a 100% guarantee that one of the tickets will have all nine winners – that’s magic!

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