Double The Dogs

The all-new greyhound sweepstakes game!

It’s new, it’s fast and it’s loads of fun, the all-new online Greyhound sweepstakes game brought to you by Swopstakes.

Swopstakes has re-written the sweepstake landscape with a range of games that give you control of your tickets. Do you hold, fold or swop? When it comes to the Greyhound Challenge keep you finger on the button as decisions need to be made quickly with races starting every few minutes with most games completed in under 2 hours.

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Buying your greyhound sweepstakes tickets

The purchase price is based on the ticket’s current game value. It is always worth watching out for The Bank’s discount to snap up a bargain!

Buy from the pool

This is the quickest & easiest way to join a Swopstakes game. From the Double The Dogs game screen you just click buy before the first (or next) race.

Tickets from the Pool have a fixed price and are drawn out at random, like auto-pick tickets. Because runners get grouped into brackets every ticket in the Pool is a very real chance of winning

Buy from The Bank

In our games, you can search for tickets that are guaranteed to have the runner you like. These are tickets that other players have previously cashed-out to The Bank.

From the game screen click the runner you like and select Buy to see the list of available tickets. You can click on a ticket to see the full ticket details which feature the name and number of all the greys you will be supporting prior to purchase.

Swop or cash out your tickets

The lids fly back and they’re off chasing, after one of your selections has hopefully won you will now have further choices to make before the next greys race gets underway… do you buy more tickets, as outlined above or do you do swopping or cashing out? Decisions! Decisions!

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You want to play on but you don’t like the chances of your tickets surviving and going into the next event? The fear of your tickets might get knocked out means that you decide to swop!

When you swop you cash-out all of your tickets and re-draw a whole load of new ones with a different selection of greys. The tickets you re-draw are picked at random from the tickets in the pool. You get one new ticket for every ticket you swop with your old tickets getting put back into the pool.

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Cash out

And now for the biggest decision you have. Your dogs have been doing well but you think that your luck could be about to change… at Swopstakes you can now do something that normal sweepstakes don’t allow you to do, you can cash out!

It is a nail-biting decision, you don’t have long until the next race but consider the following:

All tickets have a value based on the ticket’s current chance of winning the game.

Beat your mates and take the title

Compete against your mates and be in with a chance to win cash prizes.

Keep an eye out for the quickfire greyhound sweepstakes games coming up every week. If you’re a swopstakes newbie, see the getting started guide to this new and existing sweepstakes game!

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