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Made in Australia

Swopstakes is proudly developed, owned, and operated in Australia. We are licensed by the Northern Territory Racing Commission. Our fees and taxes help support public spending in Australia and funding for Australian racing and sport.

Unique Opportunity

Stuck promoting the same old sportsbook variations? Disappointed with the lack of product innovation? Swopstakes is a new and globally-unique, social sweepstake that offers daily games and big cash prizes on live racing and sport.

Wide Appeal

Swopstakes lets players choose how they play. The fun knock-out format and the opportunity to win a “lot for a little” is popular with a wide audience. The unique secondary market for game tickets is attractive to more experienced punters.

Guaranteed Returns

We're a strict, 'no-inducement' operator. We want players to have fun and gamble responsibly. Our partners receive a 2.5% share of their customers’ gross turnover, with no deductions for taxes or fees. Nobody needs to lose.

Monthly Payments

With revenue calculations out of the equation and no carry-forward losses, Swopstakes affiliate partners are paid monthly - every month, whenever cumulative earnings are above $100 AUD.

Fair for Affiliates

We have no minimum monthly quotas. Continue to promote Swopstakes and you will never be penalised for slow months.

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