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Swopstakes. It's sports lotto, that you can play!

Every game offers a life-changing prize, plus thousands of chances to trade your way to a profit.

Predict the results and you can win - big time! Every game has a guaranteed winning ticket.

Can you survive and win?

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We’ve taken your favourite racing and sports events and created a knock-out game of survival that offers a mix of chance, skill, and huge prizes.

How does it work

Swopstakes is played over a series of sporting events with a unique ticket created for every possible combination of results.

As each event is played, tickets with the incorrect result are eliminated. Tickets with the winning result survive to the next round.

Only 1 ticket in the game will predict the correct result in every event and the last player left alive wins the major prize.

How Do I Play

Swopstakes is a game of skill and survival and you choose how you want to play. Sit back and ride your luck, or use you skill and judgement to trade your way to a profit.

You can check your tickets in the trading period prior to each event. For tickets with predictions that you like – Hang On. For tickets that you don’t like - Cash Out.

You can buy more tickets with predictions you don’t have to increase your chance of survival. Survive an event and your tickets will increase in value.

How Can I Win

In every game you could be a big-time winner.

Be the last player left alive by holding the 1 unique game ticket that correctly predicted every result.

There's a guaranteed winning ticket in every game. You can also win by cashing out before you get knocked out.

Oh! And if you do get knocked out, you can always buy back in.

Your Friends

Swopstakes is about winning big and the excitement of real-time sports. Totally interactive and uniquely social, it's even more fun when you play with friends.

  • Vote on friends tickets – should they hang on or cash out?
  • Check out the game leaders
  • Earn rewards and awards
  • Gift tickets to family & friends
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